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2017 breeding programm
2017 pups
2019 pups
2019 breeding programm
2018 PUPPY
Tai ji and Yi Nian
2016 puppy
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Ji Xiang & Na duo
some of our pups from 2012-2013
new pups out of Tian Le and Honey
pups out of Duo ji and Laura
NEW YEAR PUPPY: 2012-1-1
pups out of Bin li and Nao nao
pups out of Bin li and Adi (all sold)
pups out of Jin gang and A di

pups out of Binli and Sara


                                                       NEW YEAR PUPPY ARRIVED!!


                                                            pups dued on 2012-1-1


                               5 red boys, 2 black with tan boys and 2 black with tan girl




    Father: Bin li                                                                                       Mom: Nao nao


                                     We are extremely excited about this New Year puppy!!! 
This combination will gave us typical lion head TM with big bone and size, plus balanced body and rough, dense coat.








Browny: sold to Mr Sergey in Ukraine  




XIAO BAO: sold to France               

Rocket sold to Ms Geni in hong kong


Jin ba: sold to Luis in Mexico




Zues sold to Ms Laura in Australia 









                                    Some of the pups we had breed last year for your reference:




red boy, Mozi, sold to Ms Eveyln in Nigeria 

Ying yang sold to Ms Sandra from France

Mare sold to Mr VINCENZO  MALACCAR from Italy

Bsundara sold to Ms Maryann in the United States






zhen, 1 year old girl loved by Raman and his family in Australia



Wang du, 10 months old boy, owned and showed by Ms Sandra in France

Mafasa, 10 months old boy owned and loved by Don in the United States
Michi, 7 months old girl,  owned by Stephan in England