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red boy
Duo Ji of Yan Huang
Duo Ji,black tan boy
Ji Xiang
ji xiang
Duo Duo
golden boy
Bin li
Gold boy,born:2007/1/31
Tai le of Yuan Huang International
Black with tan boy
Snow lion
white dog
Tian Qi
Mi Tang of Yan Huang International
white female
Yi Nian
Na duo
Na duo
Na fu
black and tan girl
Na Ri
black tan girl


Hei Xiong, 3 years old



Comments by Judge Mr Yanchev Oleg:

Correct scissorly bite., occipit wide enough, eyes pigment very deep, correct angel of fornt and rear legs, wide and deep chest, nice and strong body, proper length of tail and put correctly. Perfect coat with nice pigment, good movement, excellent dog.