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Tai Ji
red boy
Duo Ji of Yan Huang
Duo Ji,black tan boy
Ji Xiang
ji xiang
Duo Duo
golden boy
Bin li
Gold boy,born:2007/1/31
Tai le of Yuan Huang International
Black with tan boy
Snow lion
white dog
Mi Tang of Yan Huang International
white female
Yi Nian
Na duo
Na duo
Na fu
black and tan girl
Hei Xiong of Yuan Huang International
black tan girl


Cream TM used to be the symbol of supreme power in Tibet, and only the royal families have the right to own the white TMs, therefore the whole population of the whites is much less than that of the other colors'. Moreover, it is much more difficult to produce both mental and physical sound white puppy due to the dilute pigment and less superior specimen available we could find nowadays which means there must be superior strains behind both sir and dam's family background so as to produce the nice type, correct character and well structured puppy. I'm so proud to produce this beautiful white female, who I considered as superior white female, after 5 years of researching, studying and practice to the whites.