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Tai Ji
red boy
Duo Ji of Yan Huang
Duo Ji,black tan boy
Ji Xiang
ji xiang
Duo Duo
golden boy
Bin li
Gold boy,born:2007/1/31
Tai le of Yuan Huang International
Black with tan boy
Snow lion
white dog
Tian Qi
Mi Tang of Yan Huang International
white female
Yi Nian
Na duo
Na duo
Na fu
black and tan girl
Hei Xiong of Yuan Huang International
black tan girl

Ni Nian,


Yi Nian means the only idea, the single minded pursuit of that idea for an almost perfect Tibetan Mastiff specimen in my mind.and for this idea, I have been working very hard wishing to make it realized. This BEAUTIFUL black tan female is almost reaching my standard.  She is a large lady with nice substance,has beautiful strong arched neck which makes her noble and dignified, she is compact, with good front and rear and broad chest. It is pleasing to see her movement, very strong rear drive and gaits rhythmically. Moreover she is also one of the most intelligent TM I ever had. 



two years old 







2014/3/9:  BOB, BIG4


Video on facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=672738782783662&set=vb.100001426385921&type=2&theater